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Having been in business for two generations and being the finest custom made garments in Thailand, we emphasise on building long term relationships with our customers, working closely with them to achieve what they want. We maintain our customers’ records and measurements for a period of 5 years. We cater to both domestic and foreign markets and have a large customer base from Europe, USA, South America & Asia . We provide a wide range of products for ladies & gents, followed by mail order service, alteration service, delivery service & pick up services.

We stress on superior quality, guaranteed workmanship by our professional tailors at a very reasonable price. Within its main workshop, we employ highly skilled cutters, tailors and hand finishers, all dedicated to the creation of perfection in their art.
We focus on customer satisfaction as our main selling objective. We are confident that our customers will be pleased with the quality and level of service that we provide.

We have served many foreign ambassadors and celebrities and become highly recommended by foreign embassies of France, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. We are recognized by highly acclaimed universities of the United States and the United Kingdom, making us the premier choice when it comes to custom clothing.

We are also recommended by foreign trade travel magazines as a major clothing destination. With over 50 years of fitting experience and the latest designer style-books at your disposal, you will receive the most satisfactory results.

Our reseller programme allows you to set up your own tailoring service, either using your own brand name or ours. We will provide you with workmanship, fabric catalogues, design catalogues plus all you need to set up your own operation.

For any information on our products and schedules, kindly fax, e-mail or telephone us (using the details found in our
Contact Us section).

 Why Custom Tailored? You can create a wonderful wardrobe by having clothing custom tailored. If you are frustrated by what is available in department stores or, because it's a bargain, you often settle for clothing that almost fits.

We make a detailed record of your body form which assists our cutter to take shoulders and standing position into consideration. You Choose the Styles and Cut - Traditional, Contemporary and European. If your closet is full of "mistakes" but you find yourself with nothing to wear because the pieces just don't go together, you have already discovered the reason why few of us can afford to be impulsive shoppers.

When choices in the retail market are so limited, prices too high and quality too low, we choose to overlook the imperfections because we have no other choice. The result? It doesn't fit and you won't wear it! We offer you an alternative. Our service results in clothing that is personalized for your particular body type, your personal style, color and preference.

Thank you

Steve & James

Every step in the process of making your custom clothes is done with the uttermost care and supervision. We keep records of your measurements in our database.

Our huge collections of fabric comes from all over the world. We also have a wide variety of shirts and ties.
Our fine tailors make very well fitting and professional clothes. We work closely with our customers to ensure satisfaction.
Our huge array of quality shirting materials suit every customer's needs. We also have exotic fabrics such as thai silk at good prices.
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