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Custom Suits...The ULTIMATE in Quality!

Mens custom suits are the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to mens style, simply the best! We will get into detail, the advantages of the custom suit. But simply put... Having a suit tailored to YOUR unique physique, means a PERFECT FIT for you. After all, no one else is like you, nor should they be. Custom made suits feel as comfortable as pajamas, when compared to many off-the-rack suits ...

Lets go into it a bit, shall we?

First, here are a couple terms we must be familiar with when entering the world of custom mens suits:

MADE-TO-MEASURE; This just means that your suit is adjusted to your measurements from what is called a "Measurement Block." The suit will be made as per your body specification, from chest-waist-hips, to shoulder..sleeve etc.

BESPOKE SUITS; This means that a tailor will cut and fit a suit according to your specifications, generally by hand. You can select your laple width, pocket size..depth, vent height, buttons height etc, according to your tastes, isn't that wonderful!!  These professionals work wonders, they can literally transform a poor fitting suit into the PERFECT FIT.

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