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Alternative MEN'S Suit fabrics


This is likely the most acceptable choice for men's suit fabric that isn’t wool. If you live in a warm climate this is a great alternative look to wool, because cotton "breathes" well. Many men look for cotton suits that have a bit of lycra or something that gives it stretchability. Cotton tends to crease easily though, which could result in looking a bit crumpled.


Made from the flax plant, it's a very light and smooth material. Linen has a very tropical and airy feel to it, but it wrinkles very quickly, stains easily, and doesn’t wear well. It is not a great choice for a suit fabric, unless you don't mind constant trips to the dry-cleaner.


This is a cheap synthetic material, that should NEVER be worn as a suit fabric. It is hot, because it traps body heat, wrinkles free and often looks unnaturally shiny.


Another synthetic material, like polyester, but has very fine(small) fibers which allows it to "breathe" better than polyester. It is lightweight, highly absorbent and does not stain or wrinkle easily. Microfiber fabrics that are electrostatically charged can remove small particles, such as dust, without the use of cleaning solvents, and leave no lint behind. Is also used to make tough, very soft-to-the-touch materials for general clothing use, often used in skirts and jackets.

Whichever fabric you choose, remember that you will want to dry-clean it as infrequently as possible, because that process shortens the life of any garment, use a brush on your suits, hang them after every wearing and steam them when excessive wrinkles make them unsightly.

We are sure that you will have success in selecting the best suit fabric for yourself, we hope that we have helped you in accomplishing this.

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