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Your Shirt, Your Style
It is significant to pay attention to every little detail where men's shirts are concerned so that they can make you look truly stylish. The designs and patterns of shirts are as important as their colors and textures. Let us take a look at the usually worn patterns:

There are basically four kinds of patterns that constantly remain in fashion ...


Prints are the most favored choice for informal wear. They make the shirts look bright and vibrant adding a color to the face of the wearer. They go well with plain jeans, khakis and casual pants.


Check shirts are considered casual and people usually wear them with plain color suits. They can be worn at semi formal or informal occasions with plain light colored trousers.


Striped shirts are more formal than checks, however, they are not deemed proper for ceremonious occasions. They add style and zest to your personality and suit almost any kind of personality. If you want to look taller, stripes are the best way to create the illusion of those extra centimeters.


The most formal and classy looking design is the solid. The pattern is none at all but it defines style. The solid shirts give an added choice in the weave and knit patterns. They can be worn with any kind of trousers, with formals and casuals, with or without a suit.

Shirt Patterns & Choice of Ties

Now that you know how to identify various patterns in men's shirts and know when to wear them, let us try and see how they can be mixed and matched with different ties. Selecting the right tie to go with a shirt is usually governed by current trends. However, some men prefer the conventional ways of dressing.

Though it is always nice to know more about identifying and selecting various designs and patterns in men's shirts and ties, please note that preferences depend on individual choice and contemporary trends.


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