If you are looking for a good tailor , with great service , quality and price , this is your choice – Lek , Anu and James will take good care of you ( so far I sent many of my friends and they were all very much impressed and become their regular clients ).

Christian Carminati – Facebook Reviews.

Myself and many (many) colleagues who travel to Bangkok often have long been fans of Steve and James Tailors. There is ZERO pushiness to make a sale, which is much appreciated. You'll get quick service with an honest assessment about turn-around time.

Ecosse315 – Tripadvisor.

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Having been in Bangkok for a few years I've tried other tailors and glad to have finally found Steve & James Collections. the shirts and pants that they've made fit and wear very well. What sets them apart is the service and attention to detail. precise measurements are taken and checked each time to ensure the best fit.

Jeff Cohen – Google Reviews.